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SMART LIFE                                                                                SMART LIFE
 CAPITAL SMART CITY NEWS                                                                   CAPITAL SMART CITY NEWS

 Chairman, FDH   Managing Director,                          I believe investing in the sustainable future of

 I see myself as a productive participant of a   FDH         Pakistan is not merely about protecting the
 constantly evolving society that demands                    environment, it is also about providing a safe and
                                                             e cient life for the citizens. Bearing in mind that
 sustainable solutions. It is exactly this spirit that       the government is planning to remodel and
 motivates  me  to  consistently  invest  in  ideas,         renovate the Capital into a modern city, we at
 projects and solutions for the future.                      FUTURE     DEVELOPMENTS        HOLDINGS      are
                                                             determined to cope up with the futuristic trends
 At the heart of everything that we do at FUTURE             in the real estate sector.  Our visionary team and
 DEVELOPMENTS HOLDINGS lies the dream to                     partners follow  the principles  of integrity and
 improve the quality of life around us. Be it a              innovation to deliver the best in this industry. Our
 commercial center or a residential society, we              qualified and highly competent team has already
 spend our time and energies into developing                 demonstrated     decades    of   experience    in
                                                             construction and development. In collaboration
 solutions that serve the long-term interests of our         with our stakeholders, we have successfully
 clients. Our successful portfolio is a living proof of      delivered some of the best and well-known
 our commitment to the sustainable future that we            projects of Pakistan.
 envision with our like-minded partners.
                                                             Deriving  from  similar  expertise,  we  at  FUTURE
 With the launch of Capital Smart City project,              DEVELOPMENTS  HOLDINGS  are developing
 FDH is carrying our legacy of Habib Rafiq Group              state-of-the-art master planned community.  At
 in Real Estate by bringing the new ideas and                Capital   Smart    City,  we   are   developing
 technology in the sector. In this era of scientific          internationally master planned community. We
 advancement, we are working with full dedication            are investing in the project with an aim to
                                                             address the major technological, economic,
 to satisfy our clients and to win their love.               social  and  environmental  changes  that  has
                                                             changed the landscape of the twin cities.

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