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 CAPITAL SMART CITY NEWS                                                                   CAPITAL SMART CITY NEWS


 UPDATES             20- MARLA VILLAS IN

                     OVERSEAS BLOCK A,
                       BRICK MASONRY &

                      BEAM IN PROGRESS
 The development work is in full throttle at   managers, drivers and laborers to minimize
 Capital Smart City. Construction teams are     the commute of the workforce to the work
 in  full  swing to  meet  the deadlines  set by   area in order  to save time. This  is  why
 the management. The management of CSC   development at all major sites of Capital
 has heavily invested in the purchase of its   Smart City is progressing at a remarkable
 own heavy equipment and latest machinery   pace. Smart fueling points, Eco-friendly
 which has pushed up the pace of   measures and use of ICT are some of the
 infrastructure  development  manifolds.  features of the development to safeguard
 Rapid work is in progress with respect to   sustainability of the overall infrastructure.
 the basic groundwork which consists of   The Fiber is being laid in Capital Smart City
 wide network of roads, lanes, water supply,   which will be the backbone of IoT based
 sewerage systems and pathways.  services.

 Landscaping and horticulture have been   Quality assurance teams ensure e ciency
 given a special place and core focus in the   and transparency of the development work.
 process of town planning which will   The outstanding progress of the project has
 ultimately result in an enhanced overall   grabbed the attention of local as well as
 outlook of Capital Smart City once finalized.  foreign  investors  who  are  currently
 investing in the modern metropolis.
 Residential colonies have been established
 on-site for the engineers, civil architects,
                                                                       ACCESS-2 ISLAND
                                                                  ASPHALT BASE COURSE
                                                                          IN PROGRESS

                   SET UP OF FIRST SMART
                       ORGANIC FACILITY

                             ON SITE IN
                     CAPITAL SMART CITY

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