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Interdepartmental Islamabad Design District Competition

By Capital Smart City
Dated: 20 Nov 2023
Venue: Capital Smart City Site

Unveiling the Future of Design: Islamabad Design District at Capital Smart City! Step into the visionary world of innovation and creativity as Capital Smart City proudly presents the Islamabad Design District! In a riveting competition that unfolded before the esteemed Chairman FDHL, Mr. Zahid Rafiq, and the dynamic Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Muhammad Aslam Malik, three remarkable teams showcased their brilliance in design concepts. Chairman Zahid Rafiq applauded the dedication and ingenuity of each team, recognizing their commitment to shaping the future of smart cities. Echoing the sentiment, Group COO, Mr. Muhammad Aslam Malik, praised the relentless efforts of these teams, emphasizing that their hard work is transforming smart city projects into global exemplars. The Islamabad Design District Concept: Where Colors Meet Creativity! Imagine a space where world-class design studios and visionary designers converge to showcase their brilliance! The Islamabad Design District is not just a place; it's a canvas where inspiration takes form and innovation knows no bounds. Get ready to witness the birth of a design revolution at Capital Smart City. Stay tuned as we embark on a journey where creativity knows no limits, and the Islamabad Design District becomes the epicenter of global design excellence!