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First Smart School for OSC Children by CSC & ALIGHT
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First Smart School for OSC Children by CSC & ALIGHT

Published On: 24 Jul 2020

The first Smart School for OSC (Out of School) Children is now in progress at Capital Smart City. Capital Smart City achieves another social responsibility goal. Mr. Zahid Rafiq, Chairman FDHL and Dr Tariq Cheema, CEO ALIGHT have signed an agreement to build the first Smart School for OSC (Out of School Children). Under the supervision and direction of world renowned British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadeed, the school will be built and operated by “Alight” Design at Capital Smart City.


First Zaha Hadid-designed smart school to be set up in Pakistan.

The first of its kind smart school designed by the world-renowned architect Ms. Zaha Hadid (the late) will be set up in Capital Smart City, near to new Islamabad Airport, to provide free education and life skills to Out-of-School Children. The structure is gifted to Pakistan by Education Above All (EAA), a Doha-based foundation, which in collaboration with Alight Pakistan is funding the largest primary education initiative in the country aimed at educating one million children.

As a giant leap to revolutionize the educational infrastructure, Alight Pakistan and Future Development Holdings have collaborated to showcase the first innovative and energy-efficient school structure in the Capital Smart City on a land designated as “Community Development Hub.” Besides the establishment of school which embodies the legendary architect’s signature design, the Community Development Hub will include a Community Clinic, a Skill Development & job placement Centre and a Playground.

On the occasion of agreement signing ceremony between Alight Pakistan and FDH at the latter’s office Thursday here, Mr. Zahid Rafiq, Group Chairman of Future Development Holdings, said that this venture is aimed at ensuring that marginalized groups of society could also avail the benefits of the modern amenities of life. “This partnership will be an effort to uplift and dignify children through providing quality learning free of cost,” he added.

Pakistan ranks second in the world where 22 million children do not attend the school due to one reason or the other, which makes about 10% of the total population of the country. “The best way to confront this gigantic challenge is to devise solutions through aligning synergies among public, private and philanthropic sectors” says Dr. Tariq H. Cheema, Country Representative of Alight Pakistan.